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When I was a child, I wanted to become a paper engineer and work in the paper mill of my home village. In upper secondary, I enthusiastically studied physics and chemistry, then more specific courses in the technical university. Papermaking widely applies various techniques of physics and chemistry. It also calls for automation. As if by accident, I came to study sciences and technologies broadly, like intending to become a patent attorney. Of all the subjects, IT was yet the dearest to me. Hence, I ended up in the patent profession at Nokia. Co-incidentally, of course.

The co-incidence was not only fortunate but also befitting. Patenting fit me like a glove. In patenting, I can reach out beyond that what the clients tell me and look for boundaries of possibilities in terms of technology, as well as commercial range of uses. Each invention concerns a new technical solution. The technical fields of inventions vary a lot, so I can always learn something new. Here, technical, legal and commercial thinking are combined in just the right way. I even get paid for debating. The joy is accented by the fact that the technical development interrelates with cultures and local practices and that new publications emerge from all around the globe.

Our clients are people making or working with inventions, and typically know much about some technology or at least are creative. Working with them brings me joy. Joy is, indeed, one of Espatent’s values. Succeeding with preparation work induces joy and so also anticipates new victories.

See you with joy!

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