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I started as a patent engineer at Espatent in November 2021. I primarily work as a part of the ICT, electricity and mechanics team but can also comfortably operate with biotechnology and biomaterials whenever needed.

Before joining Espatent, I worked as a researcher in universities for approximately 7 years. Originally, my background is in biochemistry, but I have grown into an interdisciplinary materials scientist through my research experiences. Especially functional soft matter and nanocomposites have become familiar to me throughout the years. Among others, I have been working with biomimetics, nanomaterials, self-assembling, (re)active, and learning materials, and biobased optical fibers. I graduated as a Doctor of Science (Tech.) from Aalto University in the beginning of 2021.

Learning new skills and thought patterns and seeing positive development keeps me motivated and excited. In the IPR field, I have a privilege to meet new innovations and insightful inventors on a daily basis. Further, growing into a patent attorney is a never-ending process, where there will always be something new to be learned.

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